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From helping teachers in classrooms, donating dollars, to popping popcorn at Movie Night, volunteers are an essential part of the West TV community. It all adds up and makes an impact on the programs and benefits we can provide to our children, teachers and staff.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the Volunteer Orientation sessions held early in the school year, please read this message for some quick and easy instructions for volunteering at West TV, along with a few reminders.

There are a few easy steps to get started:

Get signed up:

    1. Get a Background Check – click here for the application and to learn more details on the volunteer process.

    2. Watch for opportunities – they will be communicated weekly via the West TV PTC Monday Minutes and as needed directly from the Volunteer Coordinator.

    3. Sign up to volunteer – use this link to log in to your MyImpactPage (MIP) account and sign up to volunteer.

      • TIP: There is a great mobile site you can use to access MIP. Type betterimpact.com in your browser to locate the mobile site. Bookmark or add to your home screen for quick access!

When you arrive at school:

    1. Get a name tag (new this year, no machine-printed name tags)

    2. Log in to MIP at the computer, select the activity you are volunteering for, click Start Timer

    3. Complete your volunteer shift, wearing your name tag at all times

    4. When you leave, log back in to MIP at the computer to clock out and log your hours (Why? Keeping track of hours helps when applying for grants and for employer matching)

      • TIP: If you volunteer at home or after hours when the office is closed, you can still log your hours in MIP.

Younger Siblings:

Per the Beaverton School District, siblings are not allowed to come with parents who are volunteering at school. Kids Klubhouse is a great local resource if you need childcare while you are volunteering.


    • Please use the restrooms in the staff room or the private restroom in the hallway of the main building and modular building.

    • When working with students, be sure you are within “sight and sound” of a school staff member.

    • Maintain confidentiality by not disclosing student information (test scores, performance, etc.) with anyone other than the teacher.

For more information, please refer to the Volunteer Protocol document on the PTC web site.

If you have additional questions, please contact the West TV Volunteer coordinator via email.

Thank you for your service to the students and staff at West TV!