The West TV student experience is enhanced by programs funded by the PTC.  Fundraising is a key part of supporting the WTV teachers and enriching the student experience.


The average annual budget for the PTC is $50,000 and our annual fundraising goal is to raise this amount each year to fund next year's programs.

For 2023-24, our only major fundraiser is the All Star Dash!  


We hope you'll help us make the All Star Dash successful and support our academic community!

The Students will ask their family and friends for donations for running laps, then put on their running shoes to earn money for West TV.  A healthy body creates a healthy mind!

Check out the All Star Dash page for details.  Additional questions?  Send us an email.

You can also support our school through other fundraising programs that raise money indirectly through your employer or your purchases.  These include: