Walk + Roll to West TV

Walk + Roll To School

May 2022

The Walk+Roll May Challenge is a friendly, month-long event aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk, bike and roll to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. The Challenge is hosted by The Street Trust with support from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, our sponsors, and other partners.

The West TV Green Team coordinates the Walk + Roll Challenge.

Fast Facts

Why participate?

  • Walking and rolling is fun, it encourages healthy active habits, and helps prepare student’s brains to be ready to learn

  • Less cars driving to WTV = decreased car congestion and pollution in our neighborhood

  • The class with the highest participation each week will be announced on Friday morning by Principal Valentine and will win a class celebration

  • We will report WTV’s participation numbers at the end of the month and by taking part in this program we will be entered to win 1 of 3 $500 grand prizes for PE/recess equipment!

How does it work?

  • Classroom teachers will ask students to raise their hands if they walked, rolled (scootered, biked, rollerbladed, or skateboarded), carpooled, or rode the bus to school each morning when they arrive and record how many participated. Ms. Cereda and Green Team will be keeping track!

  • If a student is unable to do one of those options (we have some students who do not live within walking distance) they can run 2 laps during their second recess if that works with their teacher’s schedule and weather.

Special dates in May

  • May 2-6 the BSD Wheel Fairy will be visiting bike racks and schools and leaving prizes for students who ride their wheels to school.

  • Walk and Roll Day is Wednesday, May 18th so pump up your tires and grab your helmet or lace up your sneakers for sure on this day as your WTV Green Team will be out in front of the school greeting you before school. It will be a celebration and we hope you will participate!


  • Walking and rolling to school could take extra time with our neighborhood not being flat. Please take time this weekend or after school to chart your route and time how long it takes you so you arrive at school between 7:50 – 8:00 AM.

  • Participation will look different for each student. Students have been encouraged during PE to talk with their families to come up with a plan. Some ideas include being dropped off at the top of 88th where students can safely walk on the sidewalk to school, get dropped off at a friend’s house that lives closer to school and walk together, coordinate a walking school bus where a neighborhood group meets at a designated place and time and walk to school together.

  • Scooters, bikes, rollerblades, and skateboards are walked or carried once you arrive at the entrance to West TV to keep everyone safe.

Learn more about the BTA's Walk+ Bike Challenge at Walk + Roll!