Halloween Parade

About the Halloween Parade

Event Summary:

  • 5:45-7:15

  • Follow safety rules and route.

  • Bring provided luminaria bag.

  • Costumes encouraged.

  • Optional: Loan us a ghost and/or carved pumpkin.

  • Volunteers needed!

Details follow.


October 29th, from 5:45-7:30pm, with the last time for participants to start at 7:15pm. The route takes about 10 minutes to walk, and the last candy delivery will be at 7:30. Please enjoy the route, check out the costumes, collect some candy, and head out to make space for other participants. Note that there will be no facilities available for this event.


The parade is about 1/3 of a mile along a marked route on school grounds, and will have several main features:

  • A luminaria walk (a route lined with luminarias: white paper bags with light sources inside) in the darker areas of the grounds.

  • A jack-o'-lantern display on the benches in the forest, featuring jack-o'-lanterns carved by you!

  • A "ghost town" in the playground, featuring ghosts provided by West TV families.

  • A spiral in and out of the covered and lighted playground area, where you'll be able to see other participants in a safe, socially distanced environment.

There's a diagram of the route at the bottom of this page.

Best Time to Attend:

Sunset will be right around 6, so it will be light when the event starts but fairly dark by around 6:30. Families with kids who may not like the walk in the dark are encouraged to attend early, while there is still some light. Families with kids who want to experience the luminaria walk are encouraged to wait until dark, when the luminaria and jack-o'-lanterns look best.

Student Luminarias:

Students are invited to make and bring their own decorated luminaria to display as they walk the parade route. The PTC will provide white paper bags with handles that will be distributed to all students at school on Tuesday the 26th. Interested students can decorate their bags, add a small battery-powered light (like a small flashlight, LED candle, or phone), and bring it with them for the parade. See photo at left for best design placement on the bag. At the end of the parade, the bag will double as a candy collection bag. (Score!)


The parade route will go by the set of benches in the forest area, and we'd love to fill them with carved pumpkins. If you're interested in providing one or more for display, please bring them to the school that day.

You can drop them off on the 29th at school (by the gym), either during the normal afternoon pick up time or between 4 and 5pm.

You can pick up your pumpkin from the display at 7:30 or wait for them to be transported back to the gym, which should be by 8pm. We will leave any unclaimed pumpkins there by the gym.

For lighting your jack-o'-lantern, please provide a small battery-powered light source like an LED candle that be turned on by a volunteer at dusk and left on until 7:30.


We would like to turn the playground area into a "ghost town." There is a lot of equipment to hang ghosts on, so if you have ghost decorations for your yard that you are willing to loan us for the evening, or if you would like to make a simple ghost for the event from a balloon and part of a sheet, that would be terrific. If you are interested in providing one or more for display, please bring them to the school that day.

As with the jack-o'-lanterns, you can drop them off on the 29th at school, either during the normal afternoon pick up time or between 4 and 5pm.

You can pick up your ghost from the display at 7:30, or wait for it them to be transported back to the gym, which should be by 8pm. Unclaimed ghosts will spend a spooky night by themselves.

Note that there is no power to the area, so any lighting would need to be battery powered.

Costumes & Treats:

Costumes are encouraged but definitely not required. All students will bag some treats at the end of the parade, but please hold off on eating them until after the event is over.


The pandemic is still ongoing and we want this event to be safe:

  • Face masks are required and need to stay on, so no food or drink will be permitted (treats will be for later).

  • Families must stay together while on campus, with 6 foot distancing between different families.

  • Please, no solo kids: all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Please keep moving along the route if pausing will cause a backup.

Since this is a family event, we ask that participants not use scary face paint, toy weapons, or costume masks.


The event will need many hands to set it up and break it down in a short stretch of time. If you are interested in volunteering and are already set up in the volunteer system, please log into My Impact Page and check out the tasks/shifts there. The event is called "Halloween Parade", and if you have updated your vaccine status but are unable to see the event, it probably means that your vaccination status has not yet been accepted. In that case, please contact Johanna Shrout, the BSD volunteer coordinator, about accepting your vaccine status. Her contact info is listed in the News section of the home page for My Impact Page.

We hope to see you at the parade!