Continent Club

Have Fun with Geography!

What? Enjoy this opportunity to spend time with your children learning about the world.

Where? Below are all of the study materials and detailed volunteer information. Additional information boards will be located in the library and cafeteria, including a trivia question for each continent check. Winners receive prizes.

When? Students study at home and are individually tested on the following Thursday mornings (except April 29) 8:30 to 10:30 in the cafeteria:

Oct 24: South America (Cancelled)

Nov 21: North America

December: No Check

Jan 30: Asia

Feb 27: SE Asia and Oceania

Mar 19: South America (Rescheduled, but cancelled again due to COVID-19 school closures)

Apr 29: Europe (Wednesday)

May 28: Africa

Students are asked to identify the 7 continents, and 20 countries/geographical features of that month’s featured continent at each check, with emphasis on learning the first four countries. Students receive a stamp in their passport for every four places they correctly identify.

Students who get all 20 correct can go a step further and take “THE CHALLENGE”: identifying 10 additional geographical features. Correct identification of the 20 checks and 10 challenges earns foreign money.

Students who get all checks and challenges correct for the year (or top percentage) earn additional prizes and recognition.

Become a Continent Club Volunteer!

  • Being a Continent Club Volunteer takes 2 hours for each check: 8:30 – 10:30.
  • There are 6 Continent Club Checks throughout the year.
      • Can you make it for all 6? Outstanding!
      • Can you make if for some of the checks? Great!
      • Can you make if for only part of the time during a check? That works too.
      • Would you like to support in other ways? Contact the coordinator.
  • Maps, supplies, and guidance provided on check day. Arrive early at 8:20 for an orientation.
  • Work individually with different kids and ages, testing geographic points. No geography knowledge needed.
  • Complete your background check in order to participate in all school activities.

*We need volunteers on Check Day: THURSDAYS 8:30 - 10:30. (EXCEPTION: April 29, 2020 is on a Wednesday.) Please arrive before 8:30, as the first class arrives promptly at 8:30. What do you do at Continent Check? Volunteer Orientation Arrive at 8:20 if you have further questions and for additional information. Arrive after student drop off if you would like to help with Check Day set-up.**

Who should you contact for Continent Club information? Click here!