Class Coordinators

General Duties

  1. Identify yourself to your teacher as soon as possible. Teachers utilize their room coordinator in many ways. Discuss what your role will be. How will mVP be used to set up volunteer times in the classroom?

  2. Communicate your role and the needs with the rest of the parents in the class. You may be the main parent to foster volunteering projects and parties. Try to communicate with all the parents in the class so they all have an opportunity to help and participate.

  3. There might be more than one room coordinator for your class. Communicate with one another. You may want to pick one person to be the contact with the teacher and other parents.

Parties: The Fun Part!

• First talk with the teacher to plan the parties. Teachers may have a different idea about what works well for their class and students. They may decide to do their own party. Once you have talked, develop a plan and let them know.

• If possible, work with your grade level to share ideas and maintain consistency. This may be beneficial if you are buying in bulk or ordering from a company.

• If you are planning a craft, keep it simple and allow for drying time and space.

• No religious stories or activities.

• Keep parties confined to the classroom.

• No homemade food, everything needs to be store bought.

• Check with teacher about student allergies.

• Green Team provides reused, cups, plates, bowls and silverware! Please wash and return to PTC Closet (Located in the Cafeteria Storage Room) when finished.

• Allow about 10-15 minutes prior to the party for set up and time after for clean, up.

• Sign in and out at the volunteer computer and wear your name tag. Log the time it took you to work prepping the parties at home.

• The budget for the year is $180 per class for 3 parties, $60 per party per class for the three parties. Or spend the money as you see fit, staying within the total budget.

• Please fill out the reimbursement form, attach receipts, and put the form in the PTC treasurer's file, located next to the sign-in computer in the school office.

• The Beaverton School District Wellness Program addresses class parties by encouraging healthy eating. Keep it to one "sugary" treat per a child. Feel free to keep it healthy!

• Please don't bring younger children.

• HAVE FUN!: Dates and times TBD.

If you have any questions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator!